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Follow Your Dreams[/caption]

The first step in W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.© Parenting and developing your road to renewed health is by first deciding what your dreams are…what do you love?  Where do your passions lie?   What are your goals? and What are your priorities?   The Chinese characters on this page were written by a young girl from China.   The basic translation is, “Follow Your Dreams”.  This is one of the best ways to begin …your dreams and priorities become the fuel that will carry you down the road as you attempt to create an environment that supports your good health as well as the health of your children. Remember, when it comes to your children’s good health, they will look to you as their role model for healthful habits!

To get you started on your road to good health, I have provided some websites and resources that you may find useful.   They are divided into the key components of creating your path to a renewed sense of better habits, energy, purpose, spirit, life….one step at a time through our acronym, W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.©!!

W.inning E.very L.iving day thru

L.ove   N.utrition   E.xercise   S.erentiy and   S.pirituality©!!!

Try to wake up each day and set your intention by beginning with exercise.   This will energize your body, mind and spirit and get you moving in the right direction…do this every day for at least 21 days or more….you’ll start to feel better and it will give you incentive for more…..If you have found websites that are helpful, please contact me so that I can consider them for posting within the appropriate category….enjoy!!

W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.© Parenting 4Life©-Resources-Books


Dalai Lama

The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet brings the message of love, kindsness and compassion to our 21st century world.  A spiritual leader, philosopher and authentic teacher, his writings, lectures and example are a stabilizing force in our ever-changing world.  He has written extensively but here are 2 worthwhile reads.

Dalai Lama (2001). An open heart Practicing compassion in everyday life

Dalai Lama (2005). How to expand love Widening the circle of loving relationships

Dalai Lama (2011) Beyond religion: Ethics for a whole world

Master Chunyi Lin

Master Chunyi Lin is an international qigong master who devotes his life to helping people learn the techniques of creating maximum health and healing-for oneself or for others.   He has taken the ancient practices of Chinese qigong and translated them into easy to understand and easy to incorporate methods.  He has written a wonderful book, created comprehensive DVD’s and provides regular teleseminar teachings based on his life experiences and expertise.  His slogan is “A healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering.”

Lin, Chunyi (2005) Born A Healer

Nancy Bardacke CNM

Nancy created the Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Program (MBCP).  It is a wonderful program to help women and their partners navigate the birthing process by being mindful of the strategies that can help deal with the anxieties and/ or pain of labor through anticipatory guidance.  Nancy has done a lot of research and worldwide training in this area and has brought the natural process of childbirth back into our culture.

Bardacke CNM, Nancy (2012) Mindful birthing Training the mind, body, and heart for childbirth and beyond.  New York:  Harper One Publishers

Danielle Schuman-Olivier

Danielle worked with Nancy Barkacke CNM to develop the Mindful Birthing Boston Program to help couples navigate pregnancy and prepare for the birthing experience with confidence by using a variety of Mindfulness-based practices.  Danielle has a real talent for teaching and helping parents feel calm(er).  If you are expecting a baby in the Boston or Eastern Massachusetts area you will want to contact Danielle to find out how her program may benefit you and your partner.

Brazelton MD, T. Berry (1983). Infants and mothers Differences in development. New York:  Dell Publishing.

Brazelton MD, T. Berry (1992).  Touchpoints The essential reference Your child’s emotional and behavioral development.  Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing.

Brazelton MD, T. Berry (1983).  Working and caring.  Reading, MA;  Addison-Wesley Publishing.

Coles, R (1993).  The call of service A witness to idealism.  Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Co.

Coles, R (1997).  How to raise a moral child The moral intelligence of children.  New York:  Random House.

Coles, R (1986).  The moral life of children How children struggle with questions of moral choice in the United States and elsewhere.  Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Co.

Coles, R (1986).  The political life of children How children all over the world discover their political loyalties through language, nationalism, race, religion, exile, martyrdom, class or revolution.  Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Co.

Coles, R (1990). The spiritual life of children. Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Co.

Connor, B. (2000).  Everyday opportunities for extraordinary parenting  Simple ways to make a difference in your child’s life.  Naperville, IL:  Sourcebooks, Inc.

Davis, L & Keyser, J (1997).  Becoming the parent you want to be A sourcebook of strategies for the first five years.  New York:  Dell Publishing

Fromm, Erich (1956). The art of loving

Keyes, Ken (1990). The power of unconditional love 21 Guidelines for beginning, improving, and changing your most meaningful relationships

Dean Ornish MD

Dean Ornish is visionary researcher on the topic of prevention and reversal of disease through prudent lifestyle.  His book on love and survival outlines the importance of positive, caring relationships to our Everyday health.

Ornish MD, Dean (1998) Love and survival 8 Pathways to intimacy and health

Leach MD, Penelope (2010).  Your baby & child From birth to age five.   London: Alfred Knopf

Peck MD, M. Scott (1978). The road less traveled A new psychology of love, traditional values and spiritual growth.

M Scott Peck has THE BEST definition of love that I have ever known.  As a psychiatrist, he has distilled the essence of human love and connection into a thought-provoking and powerful read on the true meaning of love here on earth

Powell, John (1974). The secret of staying in love

Powell, John (1978). Unconditional love

Rimm PhD, S. (1999).  See Jane win The Rimm Report on how 1,000 girls became successful women.   New York:  Three Rivers Press.

Sears MD, W. & M (1995).  The discipline book Everything you need to know to have a better-behaved child from birth to age ten.  Boston:  Little Brown and Co.

Sears MD, W & M (2002).  The successful child What parents can do to help kids turn out well.  Boston:  Little Brown and Co.

Siegel, D (2013). Brainstorm The power and purpose of the teenage brain. New York:  Penguin Group.

Tough, P. (2013).  How children succeed Grit, curiosity and the hidden power of character.   Boston:  Mariner Books.

Kids or Teens with Cancer:

2bMe Website for Teens with Cancer

Fun, informative, and educational website for teens to connect and learn how to deal with practical issues of having cancer and being a teen from physical and emotional aspects to wellness promotion strategies.

Foundation for the Children’s Oncology Group

Organization which partners the Children’s Oncology Group with the National Childhood Cancer Foundation to provide information, research trials, and funding regarding the spectrum of living with childhood cancer from new diagnosis, treatment and after treatment survivorship for patients and families.  The mission is ultimately to develop a cure for the variety of children’s cancers.

Planet Cancer


Free weekend retreats for young adult survivors of cancer providing fun, networking and support for living with cancer.

Starlight Children’s Foundation

Organization which helps kids with cancer or any serious illness cope with the challenges of having pain, illness, isolation and a “Road less traveled childhood” through education, entertainment and family fun.  Great resource!!

Parent-Family with Cancer:

Kids Konnected

Web based support and education for kids and teens when a parent has cancer or has died from cancer.  Free counseling, workshops, support, tools for coping that are helpful for kids.  Site has helpful info for  parents or health care professionals.

Kristi Marsh

Kristi was busy raising 3 young children when she discovered a lump in her breast, and yes, it turned out to be a Stage III breast cancer.  She was shocked.  She quickly learned to turn that experience into a life lesson to help others choose healthier products and make changes in their lifestyle in a way that is fun, inspiring and passionate to give herself and all those she connects with a chance at a healthy life.

Natural Resource Defense Council

or NRDC, as it is known, is a Fantastic Organization dedicated to Climate Action and Sustainability by Protecting and Preserving the Environments of our water, earth,  air, animals and all its people!

Mesotheliomathere are many organizations across the country now for mesothelioma education, resources and advocacy.  Several are part of the same organization but located in different states. They are all dedicated to providing Free Resources for people newly diagnosed or who are seeking treatment information, names of specialists for different types of mesothelioma, Centers of Excellence or Cancer Centers around the country and Support.  Give them a call, they are here to help!

Mesothelioma Veterans Center

2572 FL-426
Oviedo, FL 32765

877-450-8973  OR

Mesothelioma Hub

121 S Orange Ave.
Suite 1450
Orlando, FL 32801

205-271-4100 OR

Mesothelioma Help Now

1330 Boyleston St, Suite 400

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

800-584-4151 OR

Some of those who are at high risk for this cancer are those who served in the military, firefighters and first responders. Their services and resources are 100% free to patients and family members.  They are a fantastic resource regarding Centers of Excellence for the treatment of mesothelioma in the US, reviewing treatment options, financial, legal support, help navigating the veterans programs or benefits and survivorship!  This is a rare disease often associated with exposure to asbestos.  Mesothelioma is most often seen in the lungs and pleural cavity but can also be involved in the lining of the abdomen called the peritoneum and the lining of the heart called the pericardium.   This is especially important for anyone in the Navy or Marines who worked on a Navy ship or submarine and may have been exposed to asbestos.

Mesothelioma Guide     

Mesothelioma Prognosis Network and are websites and services that offer Free Information, Support and Resources for patients with mesothelioma, often associated with exposure to Asbestos.  They have nurses, doctors, veterans and patient advocates as part of their network to help connect patients with the health care providers specializing in this rare cancer.  They also have a Wall of Hope site to provide examples of Survivors of Mesothelioma who can be a support to other patients during treatment.  To contact them you can call 855-618-2834 for more info

Pacific Medical: Articles and Resources for Patients/Families with Cancer

First Aid for People Living with Cancer

When people have cancer and go through treatment they quickly learn that there are a number of side effects from the treatments from physical effects of fatigue, nausea, low blood counts, risk of infection and bleeding.  But there are often emotional side effects too, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, etc which can have a big impact on quality of life not to mention the risk of dying and trying to make decisions about being a Full Code vs Do Not Resuscitate.  Pacific Medical Training has developed a Wonderful “First Aid Kit Resource” for people living with cancer trying to manage side effects and make decisions regarding their wishes while they are still feeling well.  Check it out!

Talking to Your Kids When a Parent has Cancer and a Terminal Illness

Another beneficial article for those who have kids and are seeking guidance on how to talk to their kids in an appropriate way about their illness.

National Alliance for Caregiving

Nonprofit national organization dedicated to creating partnerships and resources around caregiving issues.  The organization provides resources, networking, information, and research on caregivers issues to improve the lives of patients and caregivers alike.

National Family Caregivers Association

This much needed organization says it best…they “educate, support, empower and speak up” for the almost 30% of Americans who care for a loved one who is sick or disabled.  It is a daunting task that requires a lot of energy, much of it is done by women who also care for multiple other family members plus have a career to attend to and it is easy to feel isolated and burned out.  Caregivers need help too and this organization assists in an important way.

Rauch MD, Paula & Muriel MD, Anna (2006) Raising an emotionally healthy child when a parent is sick

Schlessel Harpham MD, Wendy (1997). When a parent has cancer A guide to caring for your children

Spiritual Parenting with Mimi Doe

Mimi Doe is a gift to all parents who want to create a more authentic, attuned and nurturing environment for their children’s souls. She lectures extensively and has written several books on Spiritual Parenting from Birth through College…just what our world needs to remain grounded in this frenetic world

Doe, M & Walch PhD, M (1998).  10 Principles of spiritual parenting Nurturing your child’s soul.  New York:  Harper Collins Publishing.

Doe, M (2001).  Busy but balanced Practical and inspirational ways to create a calmer, closer family.  New York: St Martin’s Griffin.

Doe, M & Waller, G(1995  ). Drawing angels near:  Children tell of angels in words and pictures.  New York:  Pink Bubble Productions.

Well Spouse Foundation

Organization dedicated to advocating and providing information, networking, advocacy and resources for the caregivers of ill family members.


Neal Barnard MD, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

5100 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Suite #401
Washington, D.C. 20016

Dr Neal Barnard founded the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in 1985. It is dedicated to preventing and reversing chronic disease through dietary strategies.  They are staffed by doctors, nurses and nutritionists who partner to collect and perform research on dietary influences on health and illness and how a vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle can contribute to good health!  The Barnard Medical Center opened in Washington, DC in 2015 to diagnose and treat patients with Heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, metabolic diseases and Cancer.

Barnard, N (1993). Food for life How the new four food groups can save your life.      Crown Trade Paperbacks: New York.

Barnard, N, Weissinger,R., Jaster, B., et al, (2009). Nutrition guide for clinicians (2nd Ed). Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Washington, DC.

Barnard, N (2013). Power foods for the brain. An effective 3-step plan to protect your mind and strengthen your memory.  Grand Central Life & Style: New York.

Meyers, Stephanie MS RD-Senior Nutritionist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Stephanie specializes not only in nutrition for cancer survivorship but also the concept of Mindful Eating in which she integrates the presence of eating along with the quality of the foods that are eaten.  Stephanie’s expertise can also be gained through workshops at the Healing Garden in Harvard, MA.

Breastfeeding:  How Substance Abuse affects Breast Feeding:

Breastfeeding is Mother Nature’s most nutritious source for the growing body and brain of the baby.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and then continued breastfeeding along with gradual introduction of baby food and eventually regular food until 1 year of age or until the baby and mother chose to wean.  While breastfeeding, in terms of the developing brain of the infant and especially based on the small size and weight of babies, it is best to avoid all caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate and some headache medicines), aspartame, alcohol, marijuana and narcotics.  If a mother can not quit, then there are helpful and medically based guidelines provided by Substance Abuse Experts as seen at the website above.  It is important to note that based on research done, marijuana should not be used at all while breastfeeding and if a mother continues to use marijuana, she should stop breastfeeding due to the adverse affects on the developing babies brain.

American Dietetic Association

Professional organization of dietiticians which provides education, research, resources, support, and advocacy for the public and professionals alike regarding whole food nutrition.

Behan, Eileen RD

A Registered Dietition who trained at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and now has her own consulting business in nutrition. Eileen is a natural and has written several outstanding books helpful to parents when pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to raise healthy kids. Many useful tips on buying, storing, preparing and eating with and for normally choosy kids!!!

Behan, Eileen (2008) The baby food bible A complete guide to feeding your child, from infancy on

Besser, Jeanne & Doyle, Colleen (2007). The great American eat-right cookbook Atlanta, GA: American Cancer Society.  Published by the American Cancer Society this book is a great collection of

Nutritious, delicious and relatively easy recipes to put together for your family, friends or social events!!  Have fun!!!

Brody, Jane (1981). Jane Brody’s nutrition book A lifetime guide to good eating for better health and weight control

Cooley MD, Denton & Moore, Carolyn (1987). Eat smart for a healthy heart cookbook A renowned heart surgeon’s plan for good eating, better nutrition, and increased longevity

Delaney, Brian & Walford, Lisa (2005) The longevity diet Discover calorie restriction-The only proven way to slow the aging process and maintain peak vitality

Enlightened Nutrition

Mary Ann Hill is a Nutritional Consultant for anyone that wants to delve deeper into a healthy diet….understanding better the benefit of food to overall health

Eramus, Udo (1986). Fats that heal Fats that kill The complete guide to fats, oils, cholesterol and human health

Haas MD, Robert (1983). Eat to win The sports nutrition bible

Keuneke, Robin (1998). Total breast health The power food solution for protection and wellness.

LaLeche League International

This is an international non-profit, non-sectarian support group for women to get support, encouragement, education and information that helps them to nurture the healthful benefits of breastfeeding for baby and mother alike.

Levitt, Atma JoAnn (1995) The Kripalu cookbook Gourmet vegetarian recipes

Luthringer, S & Kogut, V (2011). Nutrition and cancer Practical tips and tasty recipes for survivors.  Pittsburgh: Oncology Nursing Society.

Moore Lappe, Frances (1971). Diet for a small planet

Moore Lappe, Frances & Collins, Joseph (1977). Food first Beyond the myth of scarcity

Nutrient Dense Foods

This useful website gives a good overall look at the basic food groups and their underlying nutritional value to your health and healing.  It can help you know the foods you eat better and assist you to develop menus that use “Food as Medicine” by choosing foods that can provide good vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help the body to function at its best!!

Ornish, MD, Dean. (1990). Dr Dean Ornish’s program for reversing heart disease.  Ballantine Books: New York.

Ornish MD, Dean (1993). Eat more weigh less Dr Dean Ornish’s life choice program for losing weight safely while eating abundantly

Pick, Marcelle (2009). The core balance diet 4 Weeks to boost your metabolism and lose weight for good

Pollan, Michael (2006).Omnivore’s dilemma A natural history of four meals. London:Penguin Books

Pollan, Michael (2009). Food rules An eater’s manual. London:  Penguin Books.

Pollan, Michael (2013).  Cooked:  A natural history of transformation. New York: Penguin Press.

Polyface Farms, Inc

Joel Salatin is a visionary in the farming industry.  He often speaks of the need to develop sustainable farming and food that is “beyond organic”-one which is based on a mutually dependent biosystem which is good for the health of the animals, humans, the environment and the farmer!!!  His farm is located in Virginia.  He produces chicken, beef, pork, and rabbits, which can be purchased on site or eaten at many of the local restaurants.  Tours are given by appointment and well worth the trip!!!

Rector Page ND, PhD, Linda (2011) (14th  Ed).  Healthy healing A guide to self-healing for everyone.  Healthy Healing Publications.

Robertson, Laurel, Flinders, Carol, & Godfrey, Bronwen (1976). Laurel’s kitchen A handbook for vegetarian cookery and nutrition

Walford MD, Roy & Walford, Lisa (1994). The anti-aging plan The nutrient-rich low-calorie way of eating for a longer life-The only diet scientifically proven to extend your healthy years

Wallace, Jeanne PhD Nutritionist

Jeanne has been working as a nutritionist since 1989 and has a wealth of information on how to use Food as Medicine.    She has a particular interest in how nutrition can not only help prevent breast cancer but can be used for improved health in women who already have breast cancer.  She has done work with the Breast Health Project.


Crystal Andrus

Crystal lives in Canada and is a motivational speaker/internet personal trainer.   She will get you moving….try her out, you will not be disappointed.

Galloway, Jeff (1984) Galloway’s book on running


Cam Therapies-

Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine

This center is a place to learn techniques to assist your mind and body to connect for the purpose of relaxation and healing.  Dr. Herbert Benson was one of the pioneers in bringing the clinical information, research and teaching of the integral process of psychoneuroimmunology to our overall health and wellness.  They have programs for adults with a variety of medical conditions, mothers and babies, and teens.  Check it out!

Benson MD, Herbert (1975). The relaxation response

Benson MD, Herbert(1984). Beyond the relaxation response

Borysenk, PhD, Joan  Dr. Joan Borysenko’s Guide to meditation and inner peace

Brennan, Barbara Ann (1987). Hands of light A guide to healing through the human energy field

Brennan, Barbara Ann (1993). Light emerging The journey of personal healing

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society

This is the largest and oldest international center for the teaching of mindfulness practice that helps one to continually focus on an awareness of the present moment.  This simple method has been proven to reduce stress and connect the many systems of the body together to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  As Jon Kabat Zinn, the founder of the center, states, “The guiding vision of the Center for Mindfulness is an awakened and compassionate world.”  How Beautiful!!!!

Choquette PhD, Sonia (1997) Your heart’s desire Instructions for creating the life you really want

Choquette PhD, Sonia (2009) The answer is simple Love yourself, live your spirit

Sleep Help Institute

Has info and strategies for those at risk for cancer and for those who have been diagnosed with cancer to deal with insomnia, sleep deprivation, shift work and the stress that comes with working intermittent or permanent nights and a lack of sleep!  Check it out!

Daryn Kagan

Daryn Kagan is a breath of fresh air in this media madness we get bombarded with evhope, love, faith an persistence

Downing, George (1972). The massage book.

Dunn, Shirley (1987). Ten five-minute miracles How to relax

Gordon MD, James (1996). Manifesto for a new medicine Your guide to healing partnerships and the wise use of alternative therapies

Health Journeys

Excellent website for multiple and varied resources for symptom management and personal healing including guided imagery, breathwork, meditation, yoga, hypnosis, tai chi, acupressure and aromatherapy useful for cancer, heart disease, fatigue, weight loss, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), pain, fertility issues, stress and insomnia.

Holden, Lee (2004). Qi Gong flow for beginners DVD

Holden, Lee (2004). Qi Gong for stress DVD

Kung, Chi (1999). Wellness Restore your vitality with Chi Kung CD, Instructional booklet and journal

Lark MD, Susan (1996). Overcoming chronic fatigue Effective self-help options to relieve the fatigue associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, candida, allergies, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, anemia, low thyroid and depression

Lutz Kornet, Cindy (2005). Art and soul A spiritual approach to crafts

Schlitz, Marilyn (2015).  Death makes life possible: Revolutionary Insights on Living, Dying, and the Continuation of Consciousness

Turner, Kelly (2014). Radical remission: Surviving cancer against all odds.  New York:  HarperOne Publishers.

Weil, Andrew (2017).  Mind Over Meds: Know When Drugs Are Necessary, When Alternatives Are Better—and When to Let Your Body Heal on Its Own.  New York:  Little, Brown and Co.

Weil, Andrew (2011). Spontaneous happiness: A new path to emotional well-being. New York: Little, Brown and Co.

Weil, Andrew (2000).  Spontaneous healing : How to discover and embrace your body’s natural ability to maintain and heal itself.  New York:  Ballantine Books.


National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

A newer division of the National Institute of Health, this office provides information, resources, funding and  research  for patients and health care professionals regarding the wholeness of healing.

Omega Center for Wellness

Don’t miss this fantastic retreat center dedicated to creating wholeness in your life…started by an internist who believed in sustainable prevention over crisis care!!!  The center provides weekend, week-long, month-long and extended retreats around physical, emotional, and spiritual health through nutrition, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, relationship building with self and others and many other varieties of alternative and wellness promoting strategies!!  Check it out!!

Lynn Robinson

Many of us desire to have a satisfying job.  Lynn Robinson loves guiding individuals and businesses towards a positive and satisfying experience, offering insights around your goals, decisions and strategies.  She also teaches in-person and online courses on intuition development skills.  Lynn is a gifted intuitive with many years of managerial experience who decided to drop it all and follow her passion-intuitive consulting. If you are looking to redirect or change your career, Lynn is an excellent resource for guidance-Try her out!! She has also written a number of books, including Real prosperity: Using the power of intuition to create financial and spiritual abundance.  Her latest book is,

LISTEN: Trusting your inner voice in times of crisis.

Merlin’s Magic (1998) Healing harmony The best of Merlin’s magic music CD

Merlin’s Magic (1995) Light reiki touch music CD

Ralph Moss PhD

Dr Moss is based in  Pennsylvania and has been very involved in international  lectures, film documentaries and editing or authorship regarding cancer therapies including complementary and alternative medicine for the prevention and treatment of cancer.  He has a special interest in international efforts towards integrative oncology.  He is the author of The Moss Reports which provide information about integrative therapies for specific types of cancers.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

A newer division of the National Institute of Health, this office provides information, resources, funding and  research  for patients and health care professionals regarding the wholeness of healing.

Peirce, Andrea (1999) The American Pharmaceutical Association Practical guide to natural medicines The first authoritative home reference for herbs and natural remedies, from the nation’s largest and most respected organization of pharmacists

Rogers MD, Sherry (1995). Chemical sensitivity Environmental diseases and pollutants-how they hurt us, how to deal with them

Sonia Choquette

We are all born with intuition. Sonia promotes the thought that intuition is our Sixth Sense along with sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell and is a powerful tool that can be developed, just like muscle can be developed through exercise, to guide us along life’s many potential paths.  She is a gifted intuitive who loves helping  people to connect with their passion in life and live the Life of Their Dreams. She lectures around the world, and has written multiple books including  Creating Your Hearts Desire which also has a useful companion workbook.

Soule, Deb (1995) A woman’s book of herbs The healing power of natural remedies

Yance, Donald & Valentine, Arlene (1999) Herbal medicine, healing and cancer A comprehensive program for prevention and treatment


Carson, Rachel (1962) Silent Spring

Environmental Working Group (EWG)                                                                                                                                                                            Skin Deep- app (Highly Recommended) which you can download into your smart phone. Carry it wherever you go and when you are trying to decide on a particular beauty product such as make-up, shampoo, conditioner, body cream input the name into the search section of the app and it will display any carcinogenic risk that is known about the product.

Gilbert, Steven (2004). A small dose of toxicology The health effects of common chemicals.Boca Raton:  CRC Press.                                                                                                       Dr Gilbert is an expert in this field and this book is THE BIBLE of chemicals which are toxic to our minds, bodies and spirits.  He holds two prominent positions: one as Director of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders and another as Affiliate Associate Professor at the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

National grassroots organization made up of parents, nurses, cancer specialists, conservationists and consumer advocates dedicated to making the environment safer for their children and families through education and political activism for better federal and state policies on chemical exposure.

Silent Spring, Institute

Located in Newton and carrying on the work of Rachel Carson, Silent Spring is dedicated to researching and disseminating information on the environment and its’ association with disease in general and breast cancer specifically.  Has great web site information on known carcinogens in the environment, our homes, work sites and pharmaceuticals which have already been associated  with breast cancer.  Well worth your time to look over their findings.

Sandra Steingraber

Steingraber, S (2010)(2nd Ed). Living Downstream An ecologist’s personal investigation of cancer and the environment.  Philadelphia, PA:  Da Capo Press.

Steingraber, S (2010). Living Downstream DVD (companion to book). Toronto, ON Canada: People’s Picture Company.

Steingraber, S (2001).  Having Faith An ecologist’s journey to motherhood. New York: Berkley Books

Steingraber, S (2011) Raising Elijah Protecting our children in an Age of Environmental Crisis:  Philadelphia, PA: De Capo Press.

These books should be on every parents “great reads” list.  Sandra is a biologist who has done immense research on the chemicals and pollutants in our environment which impact on our children’s health.  She has several books but her latest is written with expertise and straight from the heart…by a parent, for parents.  It will raise our collective consciousness up a notch on how we can work to create a better world for our children and our children’s children!

TEDX-The Endocrine Disruptor Exchange

A non-profit organization started by Dr. Theo Colborn out of Colorado which is committed to providing a repository of evidenced-based information to the public on low dose chemicals in our homes, work spaces and environment which can impact on the function and development of our human health as well as that of the biological ecosystem.

Friedman, Thomas (2008) Hot, Flat and Crowded

Frumkin, Howard (Ed) (2005) Environmental health from global to local

Vassar College (2006) Environmental risks and breast cancer CD


A New Beginning Cancer Retreat

Free retreats for survivors with cancer and their partner which take place at Kokolulu Farm on the big island of  Hawaii.  The farm is located in an area which is thought to have healing energy.  It is an organic farm, powered by green energy.  They have several retreat options for healing-group retreats, individual retreats and those for Health Care professionals.  They also offer Healing Intensives and extended stays.  Health Care Professionals pay a modest retreat and accommodation fee.

Achterberg, Jeanne (1990) Woman as healer A panoramic survey of the healing activities of women from prehistoric times to the present

American Brain Tumor Organization

Non-profit organization providing resources, research, education and patient support to  those with brain tumors

American Cancer Society Survivorship Homepage

Nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to providing information, support, and assistance for individuals and families with cancer with the purpose of preventing and eliminating cancer as a major health problem

ACS Adventure Weekend Retreat in Hancock, NH

Retreat held each spring and fall for all survivors of breast cancer challenging oneself physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Spaces for 12 women on first come, first served basis each retreat.

ACS Cancer Survivors Network

Website filled with information, resources, clinical trials, networking and tools for being a survivor.  You can share your own survivors story, create your own confidential online journal, blog, share photos, videos and get inspired by stories of hope from other participants!!  A wonderful website….Try it!!!

ACS Look Good Feel Better

Subdivision of ACS which focuses on helping women, men, and teens look good and feel better through workshops, information and resources on hair and wigs, makeup, accessories for boosting confidence and comfort with the self concept and body image changes that occur as a normal part of the cancer experience.

ACS We Can Weekend in South Hadley, MA

Weekend retreat for cancer survivors and their families with the purpose of providing an opportunity to deal with cancer head-on and learn helpful strategies to deal with cancer healthfully.

American Cancer Society (2001) A breast cancer journey Your personal guidebook From the experts at the American Cancer Society

American Childhood Cancer Organization

Organization with support and resources for Childhood Cancer Survivors offering peer support, information including insurance and employment issues.  Login/Registration required to enter site.

American Foundation for Urologic Disease

American Lung Association

Organization whose mission is to provide information, support and research info on ways to prevent and treat all lung diseases as well as resources to help people quit smoking.

American Pain Foundation

Organization dedicated to helping patients manage and cope with pain in all forms.  There is information, support, networking and tips on dealing with acute and chronic pain.

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Survivorship Page

ASCO is the organization of physicians specializing in Medical Oncology Care and their webpage.  Provides reliable information to patients related to surviving with cancer

Association of Cancer Online Resources

Wonderful free, web-based resource network from communities of survivors, treatment, clinical trials, and books.

Ballentine MD, Rudolph (1999). Radical healing Integrating the world’s great therapeutic traditions to create a new transformative medicine.

Benjamin, Harold (1987). From victim to victor For cancer patients and their families

Benson MD, Herbert (1996). Timeless healing The power and biology of belief

Big Sky Cancer Recovery and Resource Center


Mending in the Mountains Retreat Center for women survivors of cancer in Big Sky, Montana.

Retreats offer support and an opportunity to develop coping strategies for dealing with cancer.

Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Information Network

Web-based information center regarding all aspects of transplant from what is a transplant to related donor, non-related donor, cord blood donor, transplant centers, patient/family educational materials, support and Caring Connections Survivor network.

Borysenko PhD, Joan (1990). Guilt is the teacher Love is the lesson A book to heal you, heart and soul

Borysenk, PhD, Joan & Borysenko, Miroslav (1994). The power of the mind to heal Renewing body, mind, and spirit

Breast Cancer Network of Strength

Formerly known as Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization, this organization continues to provide peer support, education and resources to women diagnosed with breast cancer so that noone feels alone.  They also empower women during their breast cancer journey by providing networking, events, programs and political action around issues regarding breast cancer.

Camp Sunshine

Summer camp for kids with cancer in Decatur, GA.  They have retreats for family members during the academic calendar year with the purpose of offering information, support and a safe place to have fun so kids can renew their spirits.

Cancer and Careers for Women

A fantastic resource for cancer survivors, co-workers, managers and employers and health care professionals offering information, legal issues, best practices for women who want to maintain their career during and after a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

A project of the Oncology Nursing Society this website offers valuable and practical information for anyone who has had cancer treatment and the resulting fatigue.  Gives information explaining why fatigue occurs, how to manage it and great resources.

The Cancer Journey

Website created by Oncology Nursing Society to assist patients going through radiation or chemotherapy to manage the side effects of their treatment.  It is for any stage of cancer, from initial diagnosis through treatment and long term survival.  Many helpful tips and resources for patients or caregivers.


Organization started by Susan Nessim-Keeney in 1985 who was a survivor of childhood cancer.  The organization works to educate, advocate and support survivors to renew their life after treatment for cancer.

Casting for Recovery

Twenty retreat centers around the US offering free weekend retreats for survivors of breast cancer to offer information and support to live well after cancer.

Center for Investigating Healthy Minds (CIHM)

Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that was established to do research on what constitutes the full range of the healthy mind, one that is based not only on learning and education but also on compassion, kindness, and focused attention.  Research will investigate how stress management techniques, such as meditation, may help the brain to develop and transform the mind through practice.

Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation

Non-profit organization in Massachusetts which is committed to providing comprehensive education to children, parents and professionals for the purpose of raising awareness, promoting sun safety and preventing melanoma.   To help protect your skin in the sun check out Coolibar below for a clothing line to filter out the rays of the sun!


Clothing and product business which sells highest quality sun protection clothing and lotions for men, women and children so that they can have fun in the sun which is safe for their skin and eyes.   Products are produced from research done in Australia on skin protection.

Chopra, Deepak (1989). Quantum healing Exploring the frontiers of mind/body medicine

Clinical Trials

A registry of National and International Clinical Trials organized by the National Institute of Health to provide information, eligibility and contact institutions and phone numbers for those seeking knowledge about active trials.

Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Foundation which strives to provide innovative solutions to some of the complex issues in our increasingly interdependent world including improving global health and wellness and improving access to health care for those with HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB; create economic opportunity;  address issues unique to women and girls; address childhood obesity,  and climate change, to name a few.

Colon Cancer Alliance

Organization that provides information, networking, prevention and survivor tips

And support for people with colon cancer and/or ostomies.

Commonweal Cancer Help Program

Nonprofit organization located in Bolinas, CA with the purpose of providing information, support and weeklong retreats for survivors of cancer as well as research on the interconnectedness of the environment to human health and education of health care professionals who want to incorporate a healing philosophy and practice into their clinical work.  Retreats are available for patients as well as Health Care Professionals.

Consumer’s Guide to Health Insurance

Website powered by Georgetown University Health Policy Institute which provides much needed insurance information for patients about what health insurance covers.  Individual state reports have been developed with California and Massachusetts as template states.

Conversations! International Ovarian Cancer Connection

Web-based International newsletter disseminating information on cutting edge information for patients about ovarian cancer, treatment regimens, research trials, and conferences.

Coping with Cancer Magazine

Website of the Coping Magazines (Allergies and Asthma or Cancer) offering positive, inspirational information for cancer survivors at all stages and ages.

Corporate Angel Network

Organization which provides free plane transportation to cancer patients undergoing treatment.  Corporate plane seats which are not filled are offered to patients needing cancer treatments.

Cousins, Norman (1979) Anatomy of an illness as perceived by the patient Reflections on healing and regeneration

Resources, networking and magazine for all aspects of the cancer journey.  One of the Magazines is called “Cure” for patients with cancer.  A newer magazine is called “Heal” devoted to Cancer Survivors with many beautiful articles for and by survivors and co-survivors of cancer.

Davis, Margie (  ). The healing way-A journal for cancer survivors

Domar PhD, Alice (1996) Healing mind Healthy woman Using the mind-body connection to manage stress and take control of your life

Dossey MD, Larry (1997)Healing words-The power of prayer and the practice of medicine.

Dossey MD, Larry (1982). Space, time and medicine

Dossey MD, Larry (1991). Meaning and medicine Lessons from a doctor’s tales of breakthrough and healing

Dossey MD, Larry (1999). Reinventing medicine Beyond mind-body to a new era of healing

Eliot, Robert & Breo, Dennis (1984) Is it worth dying for? How to make stress work for you-not against you

Esser Porter, Margit (2000) The after breast cancer treatment survival handbook Hope lives!

First Descents

Weeklong free outdoor kayaking adventure for young adult cancer survivors between the ages of 18-39 with the purpose of helping to reset ones direction, goals and purpose in life.  There is also an on-line continued healing network for any young adult with cancer.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Foundation dedicated to improving global health, education and poverty by targeting some of the most salient issues of our 21st century world with a laser-focused optimism that is refreshing!

The Gathering Place

Centers in Westlake and Beachwood, Ohio offering information, support, resources, and survivorship skills for those living with cancer.  As anyone or any family with cancer knows, it can be financially draining in many ways, from having to take time off from work, to paying for transportation, doctor appointments, medications, parking fees, they all add up.  The Gathering Place offers FREE information and resource assistance to help with those practical aspects of life that can add huge stress.  Check out the weblinks above to tap into their wealth of resources to help navigate the financial burdens of living with cancer!  Great Resource!

Harmony Hill

Three day retreat center for women survivors of cancer and their caregivers or partners.  Harmony Hill is located in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington state.  They also have numerous educational workshops for survivors, family members as well as health care professionals.

Hill-Schnipper, Hester (2006).  After breast cancer

Hirshberg, Caryle & Barasch, Marc Ian (1995). Remarkable recovery What extraordinary healings teach us about getting well and staying well

Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Foundation which organizes the raising of money to provide funding for the continued research and eventual cure of Pancreatic Cancer.

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Weeklong summer camp and year round center for kids dealing with serious illnesses including cancer and blood disorders.  Founded by Paul Newman in 1988, the camp is offered free of charge.  Kids spend their days in a fun-loving, activity centered camp located in Ashford, Ct.  Kids are usually enrolled for 3 summers in a row to help build friendships and lasting experiences of being a kid.

Huddleston, Peggy (1996). Prepare for surgery heal faster A guide of mind-body techniques

Huddleston, Peggy (2005). Relaxation/Healing CD (71 minutes)  Plus Instructional CD (78 minutes)

Hyman MD, Mark & Liponis MD, Mark (2003). Ultra-prevention The 6-week plan that will make you healthy for life

Image Reborn

Free weekend retreats for women survivors of breast cancer with the purpose of helping women to focus on their healing and living beyond cancer.  They have retreats specific for young women with breast cancer as well as retreats for women of various ethnic backgrounds.  The retreat center is located in Park City, Utah.

International Myeloma Foundation

Organization dedicated to providing information, research, and resources for patients with myeloma working towards prevention and cure

Joseph MD, Barbara (1996). My healing from breast cancer A physician’s personal story of recovery and transformation.

Kabat-Zinn, Jon (2005). Coming to our senses Healing ourselves and the world through mindfulness.

Kaye, Ronnie (1991) Spinning straw into gold Your emotional recovery from breast cancer.

Kidney Cancer Association

Organization which provides information and support for those living with Kidney Cancer.

Kripalu (1980) Kripalu’s self health guide A personal program for holistic living

Lance Armstrong Foundation

There is no one who has done more for Cancer Survivors than the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  They offer free education, grants, support, resources and change through political action.  Lance Armstrong is an inspiration for many survivors of cancer who want to know what the possibilities and limits are…need I say more….

Lane, Deforia (1994). Music as medicine Deforia Lane’s life of music, healing and faith

Lange MD, Vladimir (1999) Be a survivor Your guide to breast cancer treatment

Lerner, Michael (1994). Choices in healing Integrating the best of conventional and complementary approaches to cancer.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

National volunteer organization that provides information, resources, services and financial assistance to those with leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, myeloma and other blood disorders.

Levine, Margie (  ). Embracing challenge-Surviving cancer

Life Choices Wellness Center


Weeklong retreat center offering support and relaxation to women surviving with breast cancer.  Retreat center is located in Saluda, NC.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Organization dedicated to providing accurate information, conferences, clinical trials, resources and publications for women diagnosed with breast cancer and in all stages of recovery from newly diagnosed, metastatic disease and those in remission.  Also has resources specifically for high risk, young women, African American and Latino women living with breast cancer.

Lung Cancer Alliance

National non-profit organization dedicated to providing information, support and resources for prevention and treatment of those with lung cancer.

Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition

Massachusetts web-based site promoting education, networking and advocacy for women surviving breast cancer.  Provides many web-based fact sheets about how to make your home more environmentally friendly and less toxic to your health.

Medicare Information

Official government website providing information on enrolling, health insurance info, medication coverage for citizens who are interested or participating in the Medicare Health Insurance Plan.

Melanoma Education Foundation

Nonprofit organization with the mission of providing skin cancer education to children, caregivers and businesses with the purpose of prevention and early detection of melanoma.

Melanoma Research Foundation

Organization which promotes research, education and advocacy for patients and health care providers regarding issues around melanoma prevention and treatment.

McGinn, Kerry & Haylock, Pamela (1993). Women’s cancers How to prevent them How to treat them How to beat them

Moore, Katen & Schmais, Libby (2001). Living well with cancer A nurse tells you everything you need to know about managing the side effects of your treatment.

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations

Web-site research center for resources and information related to breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

National Asian Women’s Health Organization

National organization dedicated to providing information, resources, support and advocacy for Asian Americans at risk for, diagnosed and surviving cancer.

National Bone Marrow Transplant

Organization committed to providing information, resources and support for patients, family and health care professionals through all stages of transplant, including survivorship and potential long term effects.  There are videos and publications with survivors that are valuable in coping with a transplant.

National Breast Cancer Coalition

Organization which empowers women to work towards eradicating breast cancer through public policy, research directions and funding by collaborating with political organizations and the scientific community

National Cancer Institute

National Cancer Institute provides highest quality federally funded cancer research on all aspects of cancer prevention, etiology, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship to both professionals and the public.

National Cancer Institute Office of Cancer Survivorship

National Cancer Institute Office which works towards quality research on all aspects of Cancer Survivorship from physical and late effects of cancer treatments to quality of life issues.  Searches can be done on the website

National Cervical Cancer Coalition

This grass roots, non-profit organization helps women around the world become more informed and empowered about the risks, prevention strategies, treatment options, political action and resources available regarding HPV, cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer.

National Children’s Cancer Society

Organization dedicated to comprehensive quality education for survivors of childhood cancer including physical, emotional and late term effects of treatment

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

This organization advocates for quality care at all levels for cancer survivors.  It is run by those who have survived cancer themselves and has a wonderful free Cancer Survivors Audio Toolbox that provides info on self-advocacy, communication with your health care team, your family/friends, dealing with side effects, financial planning and wills, trusts and health directives.  Very practical info.

National Lymphedema Network

International organization dedicated to providing information and resources to patients regarding causes, prevention, treatment and longterm management of  lymphedema

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Organization dedicated to providing information, resources and support for patients who are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment or are ongoing survivors of Ovarian Cancer as well as family members who help support these patients.

Nessim, Susan & Ellis, Judith () Cancervive The challenge of life after cancer.

New England Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

New England Coalition, home-based in Framingham, MA, works to provide information, support, resources and empowerment to survivors of cancer and professionals on a local level.  Excellent organization!!

Ornish MD, Dean (1990). Dr Dean Ornish’s program for reversing heart disease The only system scientifically proven to reverse heart disease without drugs or surgery

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

Organization which provides information and resources on treatment and clinical trials for women with ovarian cancer.

Oz MD, Mehmet (1998) Healing from the heart A leading surgeon reveals how unconventional wisdom unleashes the power of modern medicine

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Organization providing information, support, research, advocacy and hope for those living with and surviving pancreatic cancer.

Patient Advocate Foundation

Organization providing mediation and arbitration advocacy to survivors of any chronic illness or disability when there are issues of health insurance access, debt crisis, employment and job retention issues,   Call 800-532-5274 for assistance.

Rector Page, Linda (1985). Healthy healing A guide to self-healing for everyone

Santorelli , Saki (1999). Heal thy self Lessons on mindfulness in medicine

Schlessel Harpham MD, Wendy (  )  After cancer-A guide to your new life.

Sisters Network Inc-National African American Breast Cancer Survivors Organization

Organization dedicated to serving the needs of  African American women with breast cancer

Providing information, networking, advocacy and support.

Skiing to Live for Cancer Survivors

Four day ski and snowboard adventure for survivors of cancer, their friends and family.

This retreat is for the Joy of living and cancer is not necessarily talked about during the retreat.  Founded by Kristen Ulmer, the center uses the techniques of “Mindset Training” to improve sports, business and life skills.  The center is located in Snowbird, Utah.

Skin Cancer Foundation

National Organization dedicated to providing information about prevention and treatment of skin cancer including malignant melanoma

Simonton, O Carl, Matthews-Simonton, Stephanie & Creighton, James (1978) Getting well again

Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts

Weeklong Cancer Help Program Retreat for survivors of cancer and their partners located outside of Washington, DC in Comus, Maryland.   The retreat center was developed in partnership with Commonweal in California and are designed to help individuals with cancer to tap into their inner healing potential through guidance, support and the arts.

Stowe Weekend of Hope for Cancer Survivors

Annual spring retreat for Cancer Survivors in which a consortium of 55 hotels and lodgings in and around Stowe, Vermont offer free weekend accommodations as well as free transportation to and from Washington, DC and Stowe, VT on a limited number of seats on Amtrak.  A great deal!!!!!


Realizing that cancer survivorship affects the entire family, SuperSibs was created to address the needs of siblings of children with cancer.  Fun website with education, materials and support network for the “Shadow Survivors” or brothers and sisters of kids with cancer.

Support for People with head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC)

Patient driven organization which provides physical, emotional and psychosocial resources and support to those with head and neck cancer

Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation

The legacy of Susan Komen lives on in the now International organization established by Nancy Brinker, her sister, to eradicate breast cancer and offer support, research, information, fun and hope to all women and men affected by the disease.

Thrive Together

This is a wonderful support for young women in their 20-30-40′s who are surviving breast cancer. There are numerous resources, support networks and information that will boost you towards thriving!!!  Check it out!!

Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association

This organization was developed by and maintained by survivors of thyroid cancer.  It’s primary mission is to educate, help patients and professionals communicate better, offer research support and encourage survivors to remain involved in the community so that thyroid cancer can someday be prevented and cured.

Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

Provides networking, support, information and empowerment to Young Adults Surviving with Cancer.

United Ostomy Association

Non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those who live or will live with a ostomy or urinary diversion on a temporary or permanent basis.  Offers information, support and resources.

Us Too International, Inc

International Organization developed in 1990 by prostate cancer survivors.  It aims to provide support, education and resources for patients and families of prostate cancer survivors.

Weil MD, Andrew (1995). Spontaneous healing How to discover and enhance your body’s natural ability to maintain and heal itself

Women Beyond Cancer

Self directed relaxation and renewal retreat at Two Sisters Farm in Aiken, SC.  Walk, talk, hike, read ride horses as a way of rejuvenating your soul and getting away from it all.  This center should do just that!!!

Young Survival Coalition

Organization dedicated to Young Women with Breast Cancer.  It promotes networking, education and political activism for young women surviving breast cancer


NeedyMeds-Prescription Assistance Program

Website which provides information for patients and Health Care Professionals regarding discounted prescriptions for those with federal and state plans, childrens health insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid and need financial assistance.  The website also provides a “free to all” Drug Discount Card which you can print from your computer screen off of your printer.  It will give you up to 75% off the cost of your prescription medications from participating pharmacies.  The website also provides information on free or low cost health clinics.

PhRMA Drug Assistance Programs

Website dedicated to providing information on the research and development of drugs aimed at treating or curing disease.  They have a subdivision on the website which provides information on financial assistance for patients that have difficulty paying for their medications.


Borysenko PhD, Joan (1987). Minding the body Mending the mind

Hanh, Thich Nhat (1975). The miracle of mindfulness A manual on meditation

Kabat-Zinn PhD, Jon (1990) Full Catastrophe Living-Using the wisdom of your body and mind to face stress, pain and illness.

Siegel, Daniel (2007). The mindful brain-Reflection and attunement in the cultivation of well-being.


Beck, Martha (2001) Finding your own north star Claiming the life you were meant to live

Belenky, Mary, McVicker Clinchy, Blythe, Rule Goldberger, Nancy & Mattuck Tarule, Jill (1986) Women’s ways of knowing The development of the self, voice and mind

Borysenko PhD, Joan (1996). A woman’s book of life The biology, psychology and spirituality of the feminine life cycle

Dossey MD, Larry (1996) Prayer is good medicine

Gawain, Shakti (1978 ). Creative visualization Use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life.

Gawain, Shakti (1986). Living in the light A guide to personal and planetary transformation

Gimbutas, Marija (1989). The language of the goddess.

Hoffman, Barbara (  ). A cancer survivor’s almanac-Charting your journey National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship

Landro, Laura (  ). Taking control of your fight against cancer

Louden, Jennifer (1997)The Woman’s retreat book A guide to restoring, rediscovering and reawakening your true self-in a moment, an hour, a day or a weekend

Morra, Marion & Potts, Eva (  )Choices-The most complete sourcebook for cancer information

Naomi Remen MD, Rachel (2000). My grandfather’s blessings

Naomi Remen MD, Rachel (1996). Kitchen table wisdom Stories that heal

Peale, Norman Vincent (1952). The power of positive thinking

Porter, Patrick (1993). Awaken the genius Mind technology for the 21st century

The Silver Pen Hollye Harrington RN MS MSW is a professional nurse and social worker who is also a survivor of breast cancer.  She has a wonderful site to provide offer journaling to other survivors.

Williams, Wendy (1990). The power within True stories of exceptional patients who fought back with hope

Family planning/fertility:

American Society of Reproductive Medicine

National Physician Organization dedicated to all aspects of fertility planning, treatment options And assistance

Balsam, Charles & Elizabeth (1985) Family planning A guide for exploring the issues

Barker MD, David (1998) Mothers, babies and health in later life

American Cancer Society

Nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to providing information, support, and assistance for individuals and families with cancer with the purpose of preventing and eliminating cancer as a major health problem

Alice Domar Center for Mind/Body Health

Center located in Waltham which provides assessment, treatment and educational programs specifically addressing the effects of stress on the physical and emotional health of women.

Fertile Hope

National Livestrong arm that is dedicated to providing resources and information to those with cancer who are at risk of experiencing infertility

Massachusetts General Hospital Reproductive and Fertility Services

Multiple specialties and services to assist couples, families or individuals to assess, diagnose, treat and create the possibility of having a family.

Resolve-National Infertility Association

Excellent organization dedicated to providing education on diagnosis, management and treatment of infertility issues. They share and organize resources, networking, advocacy, policy building around issues of infertility.  They also have a list of infertility providers around the country.

University of Wisconsin, Preserving Fertility for Women with Cancer and other Diseases

Girls, Women and Health:

Anita Johnston

Anita grew up in Guam. Today she lives in Hawaii and is a Clinical Psychologist, Professional Storyteller and specializes in Women’s Issues and Eating Disorders. She lectures widely and is currently creating a documentary about the Rite of Passage of adolescent girls in American Culture…stay tuned!!

Johnston PhD, Anita (1996) Eating in the light of the moon How women can transform their relationships with food through myths, metaphors and storytelling

Duerk, J (1989) Circle of stones: Woman’s journey to herself

Lark MD, Susan (1990) The menopause Self help book

Lark MD, Susan (1993) Fibroid tumors and endometriosis Self help book

Morais, J (2003) A time to celebrate A celebration of a girl’s first menstrual period

Christiane Northrup MD

Dr. Northrup is a pioneer in resetting the beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and standards of women’s health across our culture and medical institutions.  She has revolutionized the way women, men and physicians view menses, fertility and menopause.  We are grateful for the wisdom that she shares!!  For a refreshing view of all aspects of women’s health try one of her books or her newest book designed to help women to not only have health but thrive in the process!!!

Northrup MD, Christiane (2010) Women’s bodies, women’s wisdom (Revised Ed): Creating physical and emotional health and healing

Northrup MD, Christiane (1998) Women’s bodies, women’s wisdom Creating physical and emotional health and healing

Northrup MD, Christiane (2001) The wisdom of menopause Creating physical and emotional health and healing during the change

Northrup MD, Christiane (2005) Mother-Daughter wisdom Understanding the crucial link between mothers, daughters, and health

Reynolds, Sil & Eliza

Mother-daughter team who teach workshops, provide practical advice, build skills and encourage networking to develop healthy relationships with our teen kids

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