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Girls with cancer

Girls, Women and Health:

Anita Johnston

Anita grew up in Guam. Today she lives in Hawaii and is a Clinical Psychologist, Professional Storyteller and specializes in Women’s Issues and Eating Disorders. She lectures widely and is currently creating a documentary about the Rite of Passage of adolescent girls in American Culture…stay tuned!!

Duerk, J (1989) Circle of stones: Woman’s journey to herself

Johnston PhD, Anita (1996) Eating in the light of the moon How women can transform their relationships with food through myths, metaphors and storytelling

Lark MD, Susan (1990) The menopause Self help book

Lark MD, Susan (1993) Fibroid tumors and endometriosis Self help book

Christiane Northrup MD

Dr. Northrup is a pioneer in resetting the beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and standards of women’s health across our culture and medical institutions.  She has revolutionized the way women, men and physicians view menses, fertility and menopause.  We are grateful for the wisdom that she shares!!  For a refreshing view of all aspects of women’s health try one of her books or her newest book designed to help women to not only have health but thrive in the process!!

Northrup MD, Christiane (2010) Women’s bodies, women’s wisdom (Revised Ed): Creating physical and emotional health and healing

Northrup MD, Christiane (1998) Women’s bodies, women’s wisdom Creating physical and emotional health and healing

Northrup MD, Christiane (2001) The wisdom of menopause Creating physical and emotional health and healing during the change

Northrup MD, Christiane (2005) Mother-Daughter wisdom Understanding the crucial link between mothers, daughters, and health

Very Well Health

This resource gives need to know information for young men and women for help understanding sexually transmitted diseases including the HPV-Human Papilloma Virus.  While HPV has over 150 different types there are varying risks associated with each type.  Most will be benign and in most cases the virus will be cleared from the body within 2 years.  However, there are high risk types,16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59 and 68 which can increase ones risk of cervical, vaginal, vulvar, penile, anal and head and neck cancers of the mouth and throat; most HPV associated cancers are caused by #16 and #18 types.  Knowing the strategies to protect yourself is the first step to having safe sex as well as being aware that there is a vaccine, called gardisil, which can protect you from two of the low risk strains which cause genital warts (#6 & 11) and the two most common cancer associated types (#16 & 18).  Very Well Health is a great resource and I highly recommend checking out their website for helpful info.

Reynolds, Sil & Eliza

Sil and Eliza are a Mother-daughter team who teach workshops, provide practical advice, build skills and encourage networking to develop healthy relationships between moms and teen and pre-teen daughters.

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