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There are two wonderful books that I highly recommend for any couple’s considering getting pregnant:

Mindful birthing Training the mind, body and heart for childbirth and beyond 

by Nancy Bardacke CNM (2012)

This is a highly recommended book for any expectant couples.  I wish that it had been around when I was having my daughter.  It has so much useful information to help couples navigate pregnancy, prepare to have the best possible experience during labor as well as set the stage for co-creating a mindful, compassionate parenting relationship for each other as well as for the children.  Nancy offers a program to help us give our kids a wonderful start in life.  Well worth the read!

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Having Faith:   An Ecologist’s Journey to Motherhood

by Sandra Steingraber (2001)

If I could pick out 10 books that would be on every expectant couple’s Bucket List of Recommended Reads, this would be one of them!!  It is a fabulous book!  It is so fitting that this is one of my favorite books to recommend as Sandra herself is a 30+ year Survivor of Bladder Cancer.   A scientist, biologist and poet by nature, Sandra weaves her 9 month, inquisitive, enlightening and personal pregnancy journey with her research on how the womb becomes a reflection of the environment in which we live, work, eat, drink, breath and play.   She is so creative and adept at synthesising complicated, scientific information into an interesting and easy to understand read.  She writes from the heart and invites us to draw upon our own to take action, NOW, to give our children, and their children a better life.  If there is one thing I know for sure, as Americans and parents, we excel at that!!

Family planning/fertility:

American Society of Reproductive Medicine

National Physician Organization dedicated to all aspects of fertility planning, treatment options

And assistance

Balsam, Charles & Elizabeth (1985) Family planning A guide for exploring the issues

Barker MD, David (1998) Mothers, babies and health in later life

American Cancer Society

Nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to providing information, support, and assistance for individuals and families with cancer with the purpose of preventing and eliminating cancer as a major health problem

Alice Domar Center for Mind/Body Health

Center located in Waltham which provides assessment, treatment and educational programs specifically addressing the effects of stress on the physical and emotional health of women.

Fertile Hope

National Livestrong arm that is dedicated to providing resources and information to those

With cancer who are at risk of experiencing infertility

Massachusetts General Hospital Reproductive and Fertility Services

Multiple specialties and services to assist couples, families or individuals to assess, diagnose, treat and create the possibility of having a family.

Resolve-National Infertility Association

Excellent organization dedicated to providing education on diagnosis, management and treatment of infertility issues. They share and organize resources, networking, advocacy, policy building around issues of infertility. They also have a list of infertility providers around the country.

University of Wisconsin, Preserving Fertility for Women with Cancer and other Diseases

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