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The Gathering Place

While the Gathering Place has Centers in Westlake and Beachwood, Ohio for Live Workshops, they offer  information, support, resources, and survivorship skills on their website for those around the country living with cancer.  As anyone or any family with cancer knows, Living with cancer can be financially draining in many ways, from having to take time off from work, to paying for transportation, doctor appointments, medications, parking fees, and they all add up.  The Gathering Place offers FREE information and resource assistance to help with those practical aspects of life that can add huge stress.  Check out the weblinks below to tap into their wealth of resources to help navigate the financial burdens of living with cancer!  Great Resource!

Corporate Angel Network

For those that live in remote or rural areas of the country which are often further from medical centers which have specialized treatments for cancer, there is a wonderful organization which provides free plane transportation to cancer patients undergoing treatment the Corporate Angel Network.  Corporate plane seats which are not filled are offered to patients needing cancer treatments.

Bankrate, Inc.

Bankrate has also put together some information and resources for families with cancer.  There are many financial stressors that go along with cancer and this guide is a good review of what to keep in mind and what resources are available during this period.

Free Grants for Veterans

  If you are a veteran and having financial difficulties, there are Free Grants available to help with medical bills, medications, college, bills, rent, mortgages and business grants to help you get started with your own small business.  Check them out at

Free Grants for Women

If you are a woman having difficulties paying bills due to financial issues and in need of help with bills for your mortgage, child care, education, medications, utilities, etc. check out this resource at

Free Grants and Scholarships for Native Americans

If you are a Native American and need financial help there are a variety of grants to help with child care, medical bills, mortgages, utilities, rent, and for education including college.  There are a variety of educational scholarships listed that are helpful for meeting the costs of going to college, trade school or educational program.  Check out all the resources available at




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