Beyond Cancer Survival: Parenting For Health, Cancer Prevention and Survivorship

Childhealth Through Mindful Parenting

An interview with Sheryl Worthington Turgeon of Living Healthy You Cable TV on October 25, 2013 discussing what we know about how cancer develops and what practices parents can keep in mind to keep their kids healthy for the long term!!! 

The Resilience Project

This is so exciting!!!  This is the perfect project for National Health Promotion Month!!!  What do you think?  This Global Research, coordinated by Dr Stephen Friend,  studies those children who are at risk of an inherited gene for disease but remain HEALTHY!!!  These are the people that we should be studying to understand how to prevent disease and keep people WELL!!!  Do you know anyone that might be interested in this!

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WCPP Smart Scan

Book of the Month:  July

Having Faith:   An Ecologist’s Journey to Motherhood

by Sandra Steingraber (2001)

If I could pick out 10 books that would be on every expectant couple’s Bucket List of Recommended Reads, this would be one of them!!  It is a fabulous book!  It is so fitting that this is the Featured Book this month as Sandra herself is a 30+ year Survivor of Bladder Cancer.   A scientist, biologist and poet by nature, Sandra weaves her 9 month, inquisitive, enlightening and personal pregnancy journey with her research on how the womb becomes a reflection of the environment in which we live, work, eat, drink, breath and play.   She is so creative and adept at synthesising complicated, scientific information into an interesting and easy to understand read.  She writes from the heart and invites us to draw upon our own to take action, NOW, to give our children, and their children a better life.  If there is one thing I know for sure, as Americans and parents, we excel at that!!

Book of the Month:  June

Mindful birthing Training the mind, body and heart for childbirth and beyond 

by Nancy Bardacke CNM (2012)

This is a highly recommended book for any expectant couples.  I wish that it had been around when I was having my daughter.  It has so much useful information to help couples navigate pregnancy, prepare to have the best possible experience during labor as well as set the stage for co-creating a mindful, compassionate parenting relationship for each other as well as for the children.  Nancy offers a program to help us give our kids a wonderful start in life.  Well worth the read!

Welcome!! Have you ever had cancer? Have you ever experienced cancer with a family member or close friend? Are you thinking of starting a family or do you have children and wonder what you can do to prevent them from experiencing these situations or at least give them a better chance of delaying the experience of some of these illnesses?

  The decision to become a parent is one of the most miraculous of our lives!! Becoming a parent has been one of the BEST and most CHALLENGING jobs of my life. As mothers and fathers, we become the gatekeepers of our children’s lives, and especially their health. And yet, we live in a world that is vastly different than the world of our grandparents and great grandparents. We have different foods, different medications, more chemicals, changing patterns of exercise, a more globally interconnected world and one in which we see radical changes occurring the world over. It is through my professional work as an Oncology Nurse and personal life as a Parent that I began to birth the idea of creating a parenting community designed to empower parents to become educated consumers. I see so many parents who work so hard to give their children a better life and many of us are not aware of what we can do to give our kids a better chance at a healthier life! While we do not know everything about cancer, heck, we don’t even know how a cancer cell is born, we do know enough to suggest some Precautionary Principles for parents. We know a tremendous amount about the process of cancer growth and development, we’ve learned a tremendous amount about genetics through the Human Genome Project and we know about Critical Periods of Growth and Development. So I would love to help you to create a Healthy Legacy for your children through Mindful Parenting! Beyond Cancer Survival: Parenting for Health, Cancer Prevention and Survivorship Is a Web-based Educational Service dedicated to providing resources and educational programs for greater consumer awareness around environment and lifestyles for families of cancer survivors or those from cancer prone families. My greatest hope is that I can offer you strategies that can help you provide a wholesome environment for your children, as well as your grandchildren, to give them the best chance of a healthy life!!

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