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W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.© Parenting For Health,
Cancer Prevention and Survivorship

Aurelie Cormier is the proud mother of a 21 year old daughter.  She has been working as a Clinical Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist or Nurse Practitioner for the last 41 years, 34 of which have been focused in Oncology, especially Women’s Cancers. She received her BS in Nursing and her MS in Rehabilitation Oncology, both from Boston University as well as a Post Masters Nurse Practitioner Certificate from the University of Massachusetts/Worcester with a subspecialty in Cancer Prevention and Control.   She has worked at many Tertiary care Inpatient Oncology units helping patients with the administration of treatments, symptom management, palliative care and end-of-life care for their cancers. This gives her insights about the roots of cancer as well as a deep passion for Prevention, Successful Survivorship, Healing, Wellness Promotion and Women’s Health.   

 She has done a considerable amount of writing, lecturing, and staff and patient education.  She is a contributing author for the book, Clinical Manual for the Oncology Advanced Practice Nurse (2nd Ed), and has written a chapter for the book, Multimodal Therapy in Oncology Nursing.   She has lectured on a local as well as National level.  She has presented more recently at the Partners in Perinatal Health Conference, the Bioneers Conference, the Wellesley Sustainability Day and at the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden in Harvard, MA.

Aurelie’s instincts and passions have always been in the area of prevention and survivorship.  Working at some of the finest hospitals in the country, she has seen the benefits of technological advancements for the treatment of disease.  Her patients have taught her as much as hopefully she has taught them.  She has witnessed the impact of our changing foods, lifestyle, medications and environments on our health.   After caring for all of her patients over the years, she believes wholeheartedly, that we must balance these technological treatments with efforts and resources towards successful prevention and survivorship.  It is towards this end, that she birthed Beyond Cancer Survival in 2011 and most recently renamed it to W.E.L.L.N.E.S.S.© Parenting to give every family and child a chance for a healthy life.  Her companion online community blog pages,, was created to build a community of like-minded parents who are committed to building healthy families one step at a time.

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