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Hi, my name is Aurelie Cormier. After working as a Clinical Oncology Nurse/Nurse Practitioner/ or Clinical Specialist for 39 years in some of our nations Best Hospitals, I have seen many patients in all phases of health and illness. I have taken care of thousands of patients and families who have dealt with cancer as well as the other complications of being sick. I have witnessed patients who have not only survived cancer but have survived pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease, challenging genes, traumatic events, difficult upbringings, poor decisions and sometimes just bad luck. From what many of my patients have relayed to me, once you have experienced cancer, whether personally or due to a family members illness, it changes your life. Many have shared their insights and wisdom with me. Some patients have taught me that in life, there are only 3 things that are truly important: our health, our family and our friends. Others have taught me that there is always something positive that can be gained from every experience. A recent patient shared that it is helpful when dealing with any of life’s challenges, especially cancer, to “embrace it” so that we can create a path for a quality life wherever it may lead.

Personally, I have never had cancer, but I did become pregnant at age 40. My oncology background had already ignited my passion for understanding the keys to survivorship for those with cancer but, equally important, I wanted to understand what one could do to prevent these cancers in the first place. I didn’t care if I had a boy or a girl-I just wanted to have a healthy baby. I realized that I didn’t have lots of wiggle room and wanted to do everything in my power to give my baby a healthy life. I learned everything that I could, tried to provide a nourishing and nurturing environment while I was pregnant, and, as it turned out, I developed toxemia and HELLP syndrome and had a near death experience. That was a “curve ball” that I experienced during my delivery but the good news is that I was able to deliver a healthy baby girl at 41; It was THE BEST DAY of my life!! Being a parent has continued to be an amazing experience and has given me lots of food for thought about Survivorship and Prevention from childhood to adulthood.   I have continued to search for what strategies help to create a healthy life for our children as I gain experience through the lens of a parent as well as a professional Clinical Oncology Nurse/Nurse Practitioner.    I am here to help YOU create a Healthy Legacy for YOUR children!!

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