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Hi, my name is Aurelie Cormier.  After working as an Oncology Nurse/Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Specialist for 35 years in some of our nations Best Hospitals, I have seen many patients who have survived pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, traumatic accidents, difficult upbringings, poor decisions and sometimes just bad luck.  I realize that sometimes life throws us a curve ball but what I know for sure is that some of these illnesses can be prevented. Beyond Cancer Survival:  Parenting for Health, Cancer Prevention and Survivorship is designed to give parents a better chance of helping their kids have  a healthier, longer life.  I do not have all the answers, but I know better now what can make a difference.  From what many of my patients have relayed to me, I do know that there are strategies that help-not only for yourself but also for your family and children.  My patients have helped me to see that there is always something positive that can be gained from every experience.  I see so many individuals, families and communities who work hard at giving their kids a better life.   My greatest hope is that I can offer you strategies that can help you provide a wholesome environment for your children to give them the best chance of a healthy life!!


If you come from a family who has experienced cancer or you have had cancer yourself and want to do whatever you can to give your kids a better chance of staying healthy for the long term then I would love to help you to develop strategies that may give your kids a better chance at a healthy life.

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